Fundamentals of visualization including data sources, representations, and graphical integrity. Visualization of scalars, vectors, and high-dimensional data. Visual perception and color theory. Applications from medical imaging, social media, sports, security and surveillance domains. PREREQ: CS 245.


DescriptionDue DatePoints
A1 - Data Visualization using Processing2/11100
A2 - Web-based Visualization using P52/1950
A3 - Web-based Visualization in D33/6100
A4 - Introduction to Data Visualization through Tableau 3/30100
A5 - Data exploration through Visualization in R4/1450
Final Project
     Project Proposal3/2450
     Revised Proposal and Annotated Bibliography3/31100
     Alpha Release4/1250
     Beta Release4/26100
     Final Project Presentation5/10 and 5/12150
     Report, Source Code, Presentations slides, and User Manual 5/19150