Department of Computer Science University of San Francisco

Computer Science 315-01
Computer Architecture

Spring 2015

Class: MWF 11:45-12:50, LS 307
Lab: W 2:15-3:20, HR 235

Professor: Peter Pacheco
Office: Harney 540
Phone: 422-6630
Email: domain:, user: peter
Office Hours: MW 4:40-5:30, F 10:40-11:30, and by appointment

TA: Jinpeng Bi (Koby)
Email: domain:, user: jbi3
Office Hours: R 2:30-3:20 in one of the fifth floor Harney labs

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Course Syllabus (Here's a PDF Version.)

Homework Assignments

Code Examples

Other Information

  1. Brief Introduction to Subversion
  2. David Patterson's article, ``The Trouble with Multicore''
  3. Moore's Law and Transistor Counts from Wikipedia.
  4. Table showing relation between processor utilization and power consumption taken from the fourth edition of Patterson-Hennessy.
  5. The MIPS Green Sheet
  6. SPIM syscalls
  7. MARS MIPS Simulator
  8. SPIM MIPS Simulator
  9. Two's Complement
  10. An example illustrating static linking
  11. A list of possible topics for the first midterm
  12. Key to the first midterm
  13. x86-64 Instructions and ABI (from the University of Chicago)
  14. A very brief guide to using the gdb debugger with assembly code. (This is at Portland State University.)
  15. Pseudo-code for an algorithm that multiplies two unsigned decimal integers
  16. A list of possible topics for the second midterm
  17. Key to the second midterm
  18. Additional topics for the final exam

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