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Undergraduate Advising FAQ

I have an advising hold. Can you remove it?

You must have an in-person advising appointment before your hold will be removed.

Where do I sign up for an advising appointment?

Signup sheets are posted outside of HR 545.

I am unable to register for CS 110 because of a prerequisite error.

The prerequisites for CS 110 have changed. The course now requires CS 107 as a prerequisite, or Math 109 as a co-requisite.

Can I take CS 110 if I need to complete Math 108?

If you are a CS major make sure you have taken the Calculus Readiness Test . If you place into Math 108 you must first complete Math 108 and then register for Math 109 and CS 110 in the following semester. If you are a CS minor, you must first complete CS 107. Once you have completed CS 107 you will be eligible to take CS 110.

I just want to take CS for my CORE requirement. Can I do that?

Yes, you may take CS 107 to fulfill your core B-1 requirement.

CS 107 is full. How can I get in?

Unfortunately, we only offer a fixed number of sections of CS 107 each semester. If you are unable to get into the class you may attend lecture on the first day to see if any seats have opened. If not, you may need to wait to take it in a future semester.

I am a CS major and one of the required CS classes is full.

Add yourself to the class wait list and make sure to attend class on the first day. We will do our best to get you in. You may also speak with an advisor about whether a delay in taking the course will impact your course plan and graduation date. Many classes (for example, CS 212) may be postponed without affecting your graduation timeline.

How do I add myself to a wait list?

To successfully add to a waitlist, you need to go to the Drop and Add Classes link, not the Look Up and Register for Classes link in Banner.  You need to have the CRN ready to enter in the boxes at the bottom.  When you submit the CRN, the class should show closed, and next to the class should be a little triangle to click into to get a drop-down menu.  Choose wait-list and submit.

I think there isn’t a wait list set up for the class I am trying to get into.

First, double check by following the instructions for adding to the wait list above. If you are absolutely certain that there is no wait list for a closed class, email with the course CRN.

I hear the CS major requirements are changing.

Yes, beginning in Fall 2016 the requirements of the CS major will change. Students declaring the major after Spring 2016 must follow the new requirements. The new major requires Math 109 - Calculus I, and provides more options for the CS Laboratory Science.

Can I complete the new major rather than the old major?

Yes, you may choose to complete the new major rather than the old major. You will need to add Math 109 to your course plan, but you may choose from the following lab science courses: BIOL 103, 105, or 106; CHEM 106, 110, 111, or 113; ENVS 100 or 110; or PHYS 100, 101, 110, or 210.

Can I take a lab science other than BIOL 105/106, CHEM 111, or PHYS 110?

If you are completing the old major then no. You must complete one of these courses.

Can I complete one of the lab science courses specified by the new major and not take calculus?


I am a transfer student and took a core B2 class elsewhere, does it count?

If it appears on your transcript as BIOL 105, CHEM 111, or PHYS 110 then yes. If not, then it probably will not count as your CS Lab Science course. If you completed a course at another university and that course had a laboratory component and was a required course for a science (B.S.) major that is not offered at USF you may ask your advisor whether it may fulfill the requirement. Exceptions to the CS Lab Science requirement are rare.

Which courses fulfill the Applications requirement?

Any 300- or 400-level course except directed study may be used to fulfill the Computer Science Applications requirement.

Does a Theory and Languages course fulfill the Applications requirement?

Each 300- or 400-level course may only fulfill one requirement. If a student completes a total of two courses from the Theory and Languages category then one of the two may be used to fulfill the Applications requirement.

Which Applications courses are offered in Fall 2016?

The Fall 2016 courses that will fulfill the Applications requirement are CS 451 - Data Mining and CS 486 - Special Topics: Visualization Research. Qualified students may also seek permission to take CS 640-02 Bioinformatics as the Applications course with permission of instructor and advisor. Students who have completed either CS 414 or CS 345 as the Theory requirement may take CS 411 - Automata Theory as the Applications course. If 411 is used as the Applications course it may not be used as the Theory course.